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When it comes to kitchen design, it is hugely important that you have access to a space which reflects your cooking style and personality. If you’re looking to create a warm, bright and air kitchen space, then you needn’t look any further. Thanks to high-quality yellow splashbacks, you can find the perfect balance between your dream design and everyday practicality.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we can help you to protect your walls and realise the perfect kitchen design for your home. Our wide range of custom-coloured splashbacks have been designed specifically to complement your kitchen’s style without having to suffer in terms of efficiency. Our yellow splashbacks are a great way of making your kitchen seem lighter and more welcoming at all hours of the day. You and your family will be able to enjoy the fresh, light feeling of summer throughout the year, every time they step into the kitchen!

Yellow Splashbacks Suit Modern and Traditional Kitchens

Whether you’re looking to develop a modern space in your home, or you want to evoke the traditional feeling of a shared space, yellow splashbacks could be just the thing you need. The wide range of splashbacks that our team can provide can help you to turn any kitchen space into the perfect one for you.In addition to bright, airy yellows, we can also provide deeper and more noticeable yellows to stand out in even the darkest of kitchen spaces.

In addition, the yellow splashbacks that we can provide are easily customisable. That means they can be quickly and easily cut to suit any available space and sit in any available area. That gives you the ability to protect your kitchen walls without having to sacrifice your very own style.

To truly turn your kitchen space into your own, we can offer a complete range of tones and simple block colours. But that isn’t all; we can also provide high-quality image printing directly onto your yellow splashbacks; anything from cute designs to pictures of your family can decorate the practical space above and around your kitchen’s hobs and cooker. In addition, we can also provide a range of finishes, including glossy and matte, to ensure the feature truly does blend in or stand out in your kitchen design.

Protect Your Walls from Kitchen Detritus

Every one of the custom-coloured splashbacks that we can provide have been specifically designed to offer the highest levels of protection in your kitchen. They work to protect the vulnerable surfaces of your walls from all the potential contaminants and stains which can cause lasting damage. Anything from water, grease, sauces and more solid food detritus can really have a negative impact on your walls. Long-lasting damage is extremely common in kitchens, but it is also avoidable with yellow splashbacks.

As your kitchen walls will tend to be covered in sheetrock, if any kind of food waste or moisture remains on them, this can cause a whole range of problems. Your walls themselves could become extremely vulnerable and, in the worst cases, this may even involve structural damage and the development of weak points in the walls’ surface. Other common issues including permanent stains, cracked paint and even mould.

As yellow splashbacks are non-saturated, they are highly-resistant and even impervious to this kind of damage. They are resistant to all kinds of kitchen waste and can be a great stylistic and practical addition to your home.

The Benefits of Yellow Glass Splashbacks

Glass is the perfect material for splashbacks of all kinds. It is naturally resilient to a whole range of foodstuffs, water and grease and offer complete design options too. In the past, many people have attempted to use other ingredients, such as wood, to create a truly stylistic splashback. The issues with these is that they are extremely porous, allowing the same problems to develop as those kitchens without a splashback at all. Yellow splashbacks, by comparison, are not vulnerable to stains, moulds and other long-lasting issues.

Protect Your Walls with Yellow Splashbacks from Splashbacks Designed 4U

At Splashbacks Designed 4U, we can offer a whole range of yellow splashbacks designed to protect your kitchen walls from long-lasting and costly damages. Our designs can be cut and shape to suit any space, meaning that you can offer complete protection to your vulnerable kitchen walls. As they can also be cut to suit switches, sockets and other wall-mounted features, you needn’t lose out just because you’re protecting your home.

For more than 25 years, we have been delivering a variety of custom-coloured splashbacks to homes and companies across Yorkshire and the UK. Our yellow splashbacks are all made from highly-resistant, UK-made toughened glass to meet BS EN 12150 regulations. Protect your home today, with premium yellow splashbacks.
For more information, or to order your yellow splashbacks, get in touch with our team on 01535 680894. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.