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Specialists in fitting kitchen splashbacks
One of few companies using toughened glass

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One of few companies using toughened glass

Printed Splashbacks for Kitchens

Thinking of a Custom Splashback? Think prints

Customization is a major factor to interior design. People want to have a personal tie to the space where they live and work. As such, the ability for individuals to have printed, etched, 3D printed, and dyed solutions has boomed. Yet, with the ability to customize such interior spaces as the kitchen and the bathroom, has come a number of issues as well. Primarily, when one considers whether a printed piece of glass is better than an etched piece of glass. Here are a few considerations in favour of printed glass splashbacks.


Glass which has been treated for kitchen and bathroom application is generally not intended to be cut upon. Where cutting can be conducted in the form of drilling holes, cutting out sockets, or shaping the pattern of the glass, it is not advised that you cut upon the main surface of the glass as this could lower the longevity and durability of the glass. The reason is that heat resistant glass tends to have coatings upon it to withstand certain temperatures. When you etch into the glass, the coatings are stripped away and the glass is compromised. If the glass is recoated, then you still must consider that the areas which are etched will only receive the new layer of heat resistant treatment while the rest of the glass (that which has not been etched) will receive a second coat. This could create an inconsistency in the resistance to heat thermals and compromises the integrity of the glass.

Printed Glass Splashbacks are not intrusive to the glass. This means that the heat resistance and the durability of the glass are not compromised, but you still get to have the customization to the glass piece.


Regardless of how neat and tidy a person may be, when using etched glass splashbacks, there is always a risk of hygienic issues evolving. Paper and wood backings are highly at risk. The reason is because the surface is not smooth, that there are indentions where food and other debris can accumulate, and that some materials such as wood and paper are porous and absorbent. This accumulation can lead to mould, odours, and unsightliness.

Printed Glass Splashbacks are water resistant, have a smooth surface so they are easy to clean, and are non-porous. Unlike tile splashbacks which require plasters and grout, printed glass splashbacks do not. This again, reduced the porous spaces in which bacterium and other harmful materials can accumulate.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the Printed Glass Splashback is the ability to have a number of colours and configurations at hand. Traditionally, etchings and tile only allot for a certain level of customization. Etchings are more limited as the colour is traditionally white or the colour of the glass (if tinted or glazed). Being that Printed Glass Splashbacks are just that, printed, allows for the purchaser to have an array of colour and pattern options which would otherwise be unavailable. Complex designs are merely a matter of digital conversion rather than expensive cutting and crafting.

In addition to the amount of colours and patterns which are available (which is almost infinite and limited only to the imagination), is the ability to adapt the colours and patterns to specific shape configurations, colours, and if needed textured glass. Consider, If you have a semi-transparent print and you put that print onto white it generally appears lighter, but on black it appears darker. An adjustment to the transparency of the print can easily be accomplished and a consistency to the print over the two very different hues would be more seamless. This cannot be accomplished easily outside of the printed glass splashback.

It is not a sticker

The printed glass splashback is not a sticker. It is printed on the glass and is permanent. It will not peel, you can clean it without fear of compromising the durability, and it will not fade as a sticker would. The printed glass splashback is heat resistant as is the glass, making this splashback ideal for kitchens. And while a sticker may seem to be idealistic, the fragile nature of the sticker and the dinginess which will occur over time to the sticker renders it as a non-viable solution for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. If you wish to have a custom pattern, Printed Glass Splashbacks are preferable.

Do you have inquires?

If you have any questions or concerns about using Printed Glass Splashbacks in your interior space, please contact Splashbacks Designed 4U. Splashbacks Designed 4U will be able to answer any inquires that you may have about both printed glass splashbacks as well as glass splashbacks in general. If you have specific questions or if you would like to schedule a consultation about design options which would work best for your home, office, or business, feel free to contact Splashbacks Designed 4U directly.

Key Features:

UK Made Toughened Glass to BS EN 12150

Heat Resistant to 220°C

Hygenic & Easy to Clean

Cutouts for Switches & Sockets

For Kitchens, Walls, Sinks & Hobs

Completely Water Resistant

Bespoke Shapes & Styles

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