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Red Splashbacks



  • RAL 2001 – Red Orange
  • RAL 2008 – Bright Red
  • RAL 3000 – Flame Red
  • RAL 3001 – Signal Red
  • RAL 3002 – Carmine Red
  • RAL 3003 – Ruby Red
  • RAL 3004 – Purple Red
  • RAL 3005 – Wine Red
  • RAL 3007 – Black Red
  • RAL 3009 – Oxide Red
  • RAL 3011 – Brown Red
  • RAL 3012 – Beige Red
  • RAL 3013 – Tomato Red
  • RAL 3016 – Coral Red
  • RAL 3018 – Strawberry Red
  • RAL 3020 – Traffic Red
  • RAL 3024 – Luminous Red
  • RAL 3026 – Luminous Red 2
  • RAL 3027 – Raspberry Red
  • RAL 3028 – Pure Red
  • RAL 3031 – Orient Red
  • RAL 3032 – Pearl Ruby Red
  • RAL 4001 – Red Lilac
  • RAL 4002 – Red Violet
  • RAL 8012 – Red Brown

It is all too easy for a kitchen design to result in the space being unwelcoming and cold. Today’s designers understand just how essential a great kitchen aesthetic can be to the entire home’s atmosphere. It’s no surprise that more designers are moving towards warmer, welcoming and passionate colours to inspire the homeowner. Red splashbacks can be a great way of introducing warm colours to your kitchen palette, without having to sacrifice practicality.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we can provide a complete range of red splashbacks to bring your entire kitchen aesthetic together. Whether you’re looking for a practical feature wall, or to complement/contrast with your kitchen colour scheme, our glass splashbacks are the perfect choice for you.

How Can Red Splashbacks Breathe Life into Your Kitchen?

Red is the colour of warmth and passion – perfect for any kitchen space! It is the perfect way to add a sense of urgency and excitement to your kitchen space whilst still making it a warm and welcome area. In the past, kitchen wall protectors have been neglected by designers, but today’s experts know that every little component matters. When that component happens to take up a large portion of your wall space, it matters a great deal!

Our red splashbacks can be personalised to fit into any space, giving you the ability to protect your kitchen’s walls without compromising their style. In addition to standard block colours in various hues, we can also provide glass splashbacks with images and designs to truly make your kitchen match your personality. Our kitchen wall protectors are also available in both a glossy or matte finish, to make sure that they truly match your kitchen’s unique style.

Red Splashbacks to Defend Your Kitchen from Grease, Water and More!

The kitchen wall protectors that we provide are designed to defend your kitchen from a range of components. These ingredients can include anything from grease, water, foodstuffs, condiments and more. Your cooker and hubs are likely to cause high levels of damage to your walls over the years – with a high-quality glass splashback, you can prevent that.

Any water, grease or worse which lands on and becomes attached to your wall’s surface can lead to long term problems around its reliability. Without a high-quality red splashback, your wall can become vulnerable to a variety of issues, including cracked paint and sheetrock, immovable stains, mould and weak spots in specific points around the wall.

Fortunately, our red glass splashbacks are non-saturated. That means that if any of the above substances do become attach to the surface, you can simply wipe them away with a damp cloth. In addition to being extremely practical, they are also a great design feature too.

Why Should You Choose Glass Splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks offer a range of advantages over other materials. For example, there are some designers who prefer to use wooden splashbacks to achieve a rustic aesthetic. However, wood is an incredibly porous material. That means they are extremely vulnerable to stains, mould and long-lasting damage.

Then there are those who prefer to ignore the need for splashbacks altogether. A painted wall is one of the most vulnerable things when it comes to cookers and hobs. The mixture of heat and potential exposure to water and grease can quickly cause paint to blister, crack, peel and warp. The smooth, clear lines the designer may have dreamed of will not remain a practical choice and the entire wall can become discoloured. Paint can also cause odours to develop when exposed to continuous heat. They are mostly harmless, of course, but there remains the potential for all the paint’s toxins to be released into the air.

Why Choose Practical Red Splashbacks from Splashbacks Designed 4U?

Here at SD4U, we can provide a complete range of kitchen wall protectors. Our red splashbacks can be the perfect way to bring an entire design together and eliminate the risk of costly wall repairs. All our splashbacks are manufactured from UK made, toughened glass to meet BS EN 12150. Our models are easily cleanable and far more hygienic than relying on the wall itself to resist grease and water from your hob.
Our team can easily design and deliver a bespoke splashback to suit your home’s requirements. We can include cut-outs for switches and sockets and ensure the piece fits comfortably into your available space. We have spent more than 25 years delivering the highest quality bespoke red splashbacks to homes across Yorkshire and the UK.

If you’re looking for industry-leading red splashbacks to protect your walls and complement your kitchen’s design, get in touch with our friendly professionals today. For more information, or to start your design process today, get in touch with our team directly on 01535 680894. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.