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Your kitchen is one of the areas of your home in which you’ll probably spend the most time. Whether you’re a master chef, a hearty home cook or you only shuffle in to warm up tins of soup, it’s important that your kitchen is designed to complement the way you cook. If you’re looking to make the kitchen stand out with orange splashbacks, then our team can provide the perfect option for you.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we can provide a complete range of orange splashbacks, amongst other colours, which are designed to complement your kitchen’s design without compromising in terms of performance. Orange splashbacks are a great way of contributing colour to any kitchen scheme, especially when having to contrast with the neutral tones of most kitchen equipment.

Introduce Orange into Your Kitchen’s Colour Scheme

Orange is still one of the hottest colours for use in interior design, especially when it comes to residential spaces. It is a great way to add a sense of movement, passion and unique personality to your kitchen. In many modern kitchens, you are likely to find high levels of detail placed to the aesthetics of certain areas. However, it remains a sad fact that splashbacks are still often neglected when it comes to an overall design. To us, that seems like a wasted opportunity! To neglect such a potentially large space, which will often be close to the centre of a kitchen’s wall, is a major design blunder.

Our orange splashbacks can be personalised to fit any space, giving you the freedom to protect as much of your kitchen as needed. As well as block colours, we can also provide high-quality images and designs on your splashbacks to truly reflect your kitchen’s style. We can also provide orange splashbacks in both a glossy or matte finish to truly complement the rest of the kitchen.

Orange Splashbacks to Protect Your Kitchen Walls

Splashbacks are designed to defend your walls from the various components which can accumulate on your walls. This can include anything from grease, water and even foodstuffs and condiments. It is especially common for these ingredients to cause damage in the areas immediately above and around your cooker and hobs.
Most kitchen walls tend to be covered in sheetrock, so any moisture such as water or grease which lands directly on to the wall can hold long-term problems for the walls’ reliability. For example, without orange splashbacks, your wall could become vulnerable to immovable stains, mould, cracked paint and sheetrock – in extreme circumstances, you could also end up with weak spots in the wall itself.


The splashbacks that we can provide are non-saturated. Therefore, if any water, grease or foodstuffs do become attached to the surface, all you need to do is wipe the surface clean. These glass splashbacks are perfect as not only are they extremely practical, but they offer a wide range of design capabilities as well.

Why Are Orange Glass Splashbacks the Best Option?

Glass is ideal for this role as, not only does it look stunning when incorporated into your kitchen design, it is easily cleaned. Other materials, such as wood, are not advised due to the fact they are usually porous. That means they could be as vulnerable (or even more vulnerable) to stains and mould as your original walls.

In the same way, we tend not to advise the use of paint as it is not heat-resistant. Surfaces which have been painted around cookers and hobs tend to crack, warp and peel much faster than paint elsewhere in the home. Unfortunately, there is also the potential for odours to develop as paint becomes exposed to heat. These are mostly harmless, but there remains the potential for the paint’s toxins to be released into the air.

Choose High-Quality, Resistant Orange Splashbacks from Splashbacks Designed 4U

Our professional team are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality products and designs to meet your kitchen’s requirements. Our kitchen wall protectors are made from highly-resistant, UK made toughened glass to meet BS EN 12150 standards. They are a hygienic and easily cleanable option which can help to tie your entire kitchen design together.

Orange splashbacks are versatile and our team can easily cut a size and shape to suit your space. What’s more, we can make the entire project much simpler by including cut-outs for switches and sockets, meaning that you aren’t required to lose out on a range of kitchen features.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we have been designing and delivering high-quality bespoke orange splashbacks for more than 25 years. We specialise in the delivery of premium designs in and around the Yorkshire area, but for our commercial customers we can provide a nationwide service.

As experts in glass splashbacks, we can help you to realise the practical and aesthetically stunning kitchen space of your dreams with orange splashbacks. For more information, or to start your design process today, get in touch with our team directly on 01535 680894. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.