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It is important that you ensure your kitchen space is customised to suit your needs and match your unique personality. Thanks to grey splashbacks from Splashbacks Designed 4U, you’ll be able to balance both style and practicality in a full range of kitchen spaces, including traditional and modern designs.

Grey may have a somewhat negative reputation as a boring, leaden colour. However, there are many different tones of grey in use – some are warmer and more welcoming whereas some are cooler. Grey splashbacks are an excellent choice for practically any kitchen as they can help to create a blank space in the room and can be the perfect way to complement black and white kitchens. Grey is also complementary of a whole range of other colours to really make them stand out.

Grey Splashbacks for Traditional and Modern Kitchens

Grey splashbacks are a great option for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. Traditional designs, as you know, will tend to be warmer and cosier whereas modern styles are often cooler and cleaner. Thanks to grey splashbacks, you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to any kind of kitchen design.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we are proud to offer a complete range of grey splashbacks which can be customised to suit your kitchen space. In addition to simple, block colours, you can also choose to have your splashbacks decorated with a high-resolution image. You can equip your protective surface with a stunning picture featuring whatever you like, which will create a stunning feature piece in all kinds of kitchens. We can equip your grey splashbacks with everything from decorative patterns to actual images to make sure your kitchen space is completely unique to you.

In addition, we also have a range of different finishes which can completely change the look of your splashback. Both matte and glossy finishes can change the effect the feature has in your space and ensure that it fits in with the rest of your design.

Unique and Fully Customisable Splashbacks for Your Home

In addition to being completely customisable in colour and style, we can also ensure that the grey splashbacks we provide are suitable for any size space. As they are made of toughened glass, they can be quickly and reliably shaped by our professional team to suit any space and take any shape. You don’t need to uninstall kitchen units, cupboards or shelves to fit this feature in. In fact, we can even create spaces for essential sockets, switches and more so you don’t need to lose any features in your kitchen. Your customised protective surface can be cleanly cut around these features where required.

Why are Glass Grey Splashbacks Essential for Kitchens?

Your kitchen walls are normally covered in sheetrock. That is a major problem when the surface is being splattered with liquids and other ingredients. The most vulnerable spaces to damage are the areas around your cooker and hob as they will suffer from splatters of water, sauces, grease and oils. It may not seem like much, but over time these liquids can enter the sheetrock and lead to a whole range of long-lasting issues. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Permanent Stains.
  • Flaking Paint.
  • Harmful Mould and Bacteria.
  • Long-Lasting Weakness in the Walls.

Some of these issues are simply annoying, whereas other can pose health risks to you and your family if left to develop.

Thanks to the non-saturated design of glass splashbacks, you will be able to instantly protect your walls from this kind of damage. The glass splashbacks that we provide are extremely resistant to all kinds of kitchen waste, including grease, water, oils and other food detritus. Unlike with your bare kitchen walls, if anything does land on this surface it can be quickly and easily wiped away to leave your stunning grey splashback looking as fresh as the day you installed it.

Get in Touch with Splashbacks Designed 4U for Stunning Grey Splashbacks Today!

Whether you’re looking to create a neutral space, or you’re in need of a truly unique feature wall in your kitchen, our splashbacks are the perfect choice for you. They can protect your walls and enhance the unique design of your kitchen itself. We can work with you to create the perfect splashbacks which protect your kitchen and complement your personality and cooking style.

For more than 25 years, our experienced team have been working to deliver industry-leading glass splashbacks to all kinds of businesses and homes across the Yorkshire area. Our products are all designed and manufactured from UK toughened glass to meet BS EN 12150 standards.

For more information on our wide range of glass splashbacks, get in touch with our friendly team today. You can reach us directly on 01535 680894, or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.