Patterned Splashbacks

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  • RAL 6000 – Patina Green
  • RAL 6001 – Emerald Green
  • RAL 6002 – Leaf Green
  • RAL 6003 – Olive Green
  • RAL 6004 – Blue Green
  • RAL 6005 – Moss Green
  • RAL 6007 – Bottle Green
  • RAL 6008 – Brown Green
  • RAL 6009 – Fir Green
  • RAL 6010 – Grass Green
  • RAL 6011 – Reseda Green
  • RAL 6012 – Black Green
  • RAL 6013 – Reed Green
  • RAL 6016 – Turquoise Green
  • RAL 6017 – May Green
  • RAL 6018 – Yellow Green
  • RAL 6019 – Pastel Green
  • RAL 6020 – Chrome Green
  • RAL 6021 – Pale Green
  • RAL 6024 – Traffic Green
  • RAL 6025 – Fern Green
  • RAL 6026 – Opal Green
  • RAL 6027 – Light Green
  • RAL 6028 – Pine Green
  • RAL 6029 – Mint Green
  • RAL 6032 – Signal Green
  • RAL 6035 – Pearl Green
  • RAL 6037 – Pure Green
  • RAL 6038 – Luminous Green

With estimated numbers of around 80% of home owners spending half their lives in the kitchen, its no wonder that having the ultimate kitchen dream come to life is important to most of us. Over the last decade, home-owners now go one step beyond refits, but desire to attain colour harmony and instill the mood they are looking for all year round matching all the quintessential factors in a kitchen. That’s why at Colour 4 U, we custom make glass materials to your exact colour specification to match that one thing that inspired you to decorate your kitchen even if it was a green teapot.

So you found that beautiful green teapot and need to give your kitchen a makeover but don’t have the budget for a complete refit? Transform that green teapot into a matching green splashback with a glass splash back specialist were we can help give your kitchen an instant lift. Their are so many ways to give your kitchen maximum colour, but there is no other affordable kitchen product that will make a bigger difference to your design than a coloured splash back. Read on to discover how you can give your kitchen a makeover without going to the expense of a full refit.

The Benefits Of Incorporating Green Splash Backs

Glass splash backs are exactly what their name suggests. Expanses of glass affixed to the wall above the worktops to protect walls without having to tile it. They are colourful, modern and a lot easier to maintain. No more going between tiles to clean the grouting or trying to replace a broken tile only to discover they are no longer made. The modern solution to eliminate tiles forever are our glass splash backs, and with a rainbow palate of colours to choose from there is one for everyone.Our bespoke software allows you to choose the exact splash back and cupboard colour combination for your kitchen.

A Green Splashback Can Be Considered Anywhere As Far As Your Imagination Can Take You

Although they are a product considered to belong in the kitchen many a modern bathrooms have also been enhanced using a glass splash back. In fact, the only restrictions on how or where you position a coloured splash back belong in your imagination. Look at some of the examples in the images here. Staircases, living rooms, the choice is endless and with the colour choice you can blend in or really stand out.

Simple Installation Of A Green Splash Back In Your Kitchen

All our splash backs are made from the highest quality opaque safety glass available and will withstand both heat and moisture. The splash backs can be applied to almost any surface and are perfect for covering a poor quality wall.If you loathe the thought of the time and mess involved in removing your tiles then don’t, put it over the top. Attractive tiles will look phenomenal through a colourless glass splash back. The strongest, best quality adhesives are used when we install your glass splash back and all edges are completely sealed. Aesthetically pleasing, practical and long lasting, all these boxes are ticked and many more besides.

Choose This Seasons Range Of Green Splashbacks With Our Ral Chart

The clever tool Ral chart we have allows you to tailor make the exact colour you require. Simply click on the basic colour in the mixer and then adjust the shade by clicking the boxes. When you are fully satisfied place your order. Our fitters will even cut your splash back to accommodate plugs and sockets. If you want to be one of the in crowd then these fabulous splash backs are an absolute must haves. Goodbye ceramic tiles, hello glass splash backs.