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Whether you’re looking to develop a traditional or modern kitchen design, you need to make sure that you’re balancing both practicality and appearance. Thanks to essential kitchen features, like chocolate splashbacks, you’ll be able to create a welcoming and warm space, without having to sacrifice the space’s usability.Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, our professional team have worked for more than a quarter of a century to deliver hard-wearing glass splashbacks. We can provide a comprehensive range of glass splashbacks which have been cut to size. This means that they will be able to fit any size or shape of space in your kitchen. Chocolate splashbacks are ideal for a complete range of kitchen environments. They can deliver a range of benefits to your kitchen space, both visually and practically.

Chocolate Splashbacks Cut-To-Size for Yorkshire Homes

Both traditional and modern kitchens can benefit from featuring glass splashbacks in their design. Chocolate is a warm, welcoming and natural looking colour which can make a great addition to any style.

Chocolate splashbacks can be used as an integral part of traditional kitchens. Thanks to its warmth and natural style, it can be used to create a truly welcoming space for your friends and family. As a unique shade of natural brown, it can be used in conjunction with both pre-dominantly light and dark colour schemes.

When it comes to modern designs, chocolate splashbacks are useful too. Thanks to the smooth and clean design of these splashbacks, they can easily be used to add a splash of colour to otherwise neutral kitchens. Chocolate is a stunning colour which can be used as a main tone in your design or as a feature colour to bring out the best in your design.

These glass splashbacks are available in block colours or as a glass backing for your favourite images. This could be anything from pictures of friends and family or even your favourite landscapes to create a truly unique kitchen space. Developing your kitchen as a unique area which complements your personality is extremely important.

How Can Chocolate Splashbacks be Used to Protect Your Kitchen?

Glass splashbacks can be used to protect your kitchen’s walls from a range of materials and ingredients. These ingredients can result in structural and cosmetic damage which can make your kitchen an unpleasant place to spend your time. There are many ingredients you will use when preparing food which can collect on your walls, such as water, food waste, fat and grease.

The spaces most vulnerable to damage by these ingredients are the kitchen walls around your:

  • Sinks.
  • Hobs.
  • Kettles.
  • Coffee Machines.

In most cases, you’ll be able to prevent long-term damage to your kitchen surfaces by wiping them down immediately. This can prevent stains from developing and reduce the risk of structural damage across your property. However, over time these surfaces will become less and less attractive even if you take care of them. There are also some issues, such as steam and condensation from kettles, which you will not be able to protect against.

Fortunately, chocolate splashbacks are a great way of providing long-term protection to your kitchen’s walls. They will allow you to provide a hard-wearing surface between your walls and the potentially dangerous ingredients used in your kitchen.

What Kinds of Walls Can Chocolate Splashbacks Protect?

Thanks to chocolate coloured, glass splashbacks, you’ll be able to protect your kitchen walls for many, many years. The actual surfaces of these walls are rarely suited to deal with kitchen environments. The most common kinds of kitchen walls are covered in sheetrock or simply painted – however, some traditional homes still rely on wooden-coverings in their home.

None of these surfaces are suitable for a kitchen environment and can quickly sustain structural and cosmetic damage. Some of them can cause potential health hazards to your kitchen space.

  • Sheetrock – Although most homes in the UK will have sheetrock in their kitchen, these surfaces are extremely unsuited to these environments. They can easily become stained, which can make your kitchen look dirty and unwelcoming. They can also soak up water very easily. In some cases, this can result in structural damage to the wall itself. There’s a good chance that it can require costly repairs.
  • Painted Walls – Painted surfaces are extremely unsuitable for kitchens. The heat and moisture of these spaces can cause paint to warp, peel and flake away from the wall. If unsuitable paint was used in the first place, it can even cause potentially harmful gases to be released.
  • Wood-Coverings – A surprising number of people think that wooden coverings are a good idea for kitchen walls. These surfaces can quickly and easily sustain all kinds of damage, from stains and singeing to absorbing all kinds of kitchen waste.

Glass Splashbacks to Protect Your Kitchen’s Walls

As the chocolate splashbacks that we can provide are made from glass, they are non-saturated. This means that they will not absorb any kind of waste generated in your kitchen. You will easily be able to keep them pristine by wiping them down with a damp cloth. These glass splashbacks are essential if you want to protect your property from costly structural damage, stains and more.

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Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we can deliver cut-to-size chocolate splashbacks for all kinds of properties. You can easily protect spaces of all shapes and sizes thanks to the bespoke nature of these glass splashbacks.

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