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Black Splashbacks – Kitchen & Bathroom


  • RAL 3007 – Black Red
  • RAL 4012 – Pearl black berry
  • RAL 5004 – Black Blue
  • RAL 6012 – Black Green
  • RAL 6015 – Black Olive
  • RAL 7021 – Black Grey
  • RAL 8022 – Black Brown
  • RAL 9004 – Signal Black
  • RAL 9005 – Jet Black
  • RAL 9011- Graphite Black
  • RAL 9017- Traffic Black

Having splashbacks installed not only protects your walls from moisture, but they can be used in just about any room in your home although they are primarily intended for installation in locations where there is running water, such as your kitchen or bathroom.

Most cases, a splashback will be installed behind a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, or in a shower stall.

Whether you are selecting black glass splashbacks or another colour, there is a multitude of styles and patterns to choose from.

Size Can Make a Difference – A splashback that is pure black can be extremely attractive, especially in a larger kitchen or bathroom where it can serve as a trim.

Very large panels can be a bit overwhelming however, and would not always be suitable for use in a smaller room.

Smaller panels located behind a sink or stove top, or anywhere you are working with water or liquids, are often all you will require.

Why Choose Black Splashbacks?

Consider Incorporating a Pattern – Although it is definitely a matter of personal preference, a splashback that features a pattern is worth considering. There are many different patterns available, ranging from elegant to whimsical.

Splashbacks printed with a pattern that simulates bricks is one popular choice, as is one printed to resemble glass tiles.

For a large panel, large squares or rectangles can make a black panel look a little less intimidating while tiny squares will sometimes make a small splashback look larger.

Black can of course be mixed with other colours to form a mosaic pattern, but if you wish to stay with a single colour, you can get a similar effect with prints that simulate a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ask Whether Black is Right for You – One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether black will match your counter tops, provide a pleasing contrast with them, or will clash with them.

The Colour Black goes quite well with most of the basic colours, particularly whites, reds, and greys, but does not always go well when placed in proximity to a multicoloured surface.

While a question of taste is the case here, you normally don’t know what a splashback is going look like until you purchase one.

Splashbacks Designed 4 U are in a position to give you excellent advice as to what the final result is going to look like.

Custom Glass Made to Fit

Most are Custom Made – If you wish to have one of these items custom-made to fit your needs and your taste then Splashbacks Designed 4 U can meet your needs.

Within the kitchen, this would rarely be a problem. If you want a single panel of black glass that covers a large wall, it may be difficult and expensive to have one custom made.

You need to provide the dimensions of course, and indicate the pattern you want if you are looking for something other than solid black.

You may also need to indicate the locations of screw holes or other mounting features. If you haven’t specified certain details, we will ask you for them or make suggestions.

The Glass is Safe and Tough – The glass used in these products is quite safe as most Splashbacks Designed 4 U use a special type of toughened glass.

This is particularly important when the glass is to be installed in a location where hot substances could come in contact with it or it is exposed to heat from a stove top.

Unless the edges are to fit snugly against a wall, counter top, or cabinet you may request to have the edges beveled or rounded, but the edges of the products we sell are always polished for safety’s sake.

Feel free to ask questions about the pros and potential cons of black glass splashbacks. The better we understand your needs, the better we will be in a position to satisfy those needs and/or make useful suggestions, and if you are uncertain as to what you want, we can help you there as well.

We can cut black splashbacks to bespoke sizes but the more common size cuts are 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.