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Toughened glass splashbacks are an essential part of any kitchen’s design. They work to protect your kitchen’s walls, from a full range of ingredients which can cause issues in your kitchen. Thanks to aubergine splashbacks, you’ll be able to create a warm, welcoming space in your home without having to sacrifice your kitchen’s protections from damage.

Here at Splashbacks Designed 4U, we have worked to provide toughened glass splashbacks to properties across Yorkshire for more than 25 years. We can deliver a wide range of splashback colours which have been cut to size. These bespoke models mean that you will be able to protect and add colour to gaps of any size. This can include anything from entire backboards or small slivers between your hob and neighbouring cupboards.

The Benefits of Aubergine Splashbacks

Aubergine splashbacks are an essential part of any kitchen design. They can provide a range of unique practical benefits and cosmetic designs to suit your space. It’s no wonder that aubergine splashbacks are being used for both modern and traditional kitchen colour schemes across the country.

The Cosmetic Advantages of Aubergine Splashbacks for Yorkshire Homes

When designing a modern or traditional style of kitchen, it is important that the space reflects your personality. The area needs to be designed around the way you cook and prepare food. The colour scheme needs to be one which you find warm, welcoming and comfortable. Aubergine is used in both modern and traditional kitchens as a dark, warm contrasting colour. It is also used to add a splash of colour to any space, without overwhelming the existing design.

For traditional colours schemes, the warm, natural tone of aubergine makes it an incredible choice. It can be used to darken a space which would otherwise be too bright. Aubergine splashbacks can really be used to tie your traditional kitchen together.

For modern designs, aubergine splashbacks can be a dark, contrasting colour to the neutral tones of your colour scheme. As they are tinted with a slight reddish colour, they can also provide a splash of colour to your space without becoming too overwhelming.

In addition to being used as block colours within your kitchen’s design, these toughened glass splashbacks can also be decorated with bespoke images. You can choose to print high-quality pictures of your family, friends or stunning patterns to make the space even more welcoming. It is important that your cooking area reflects your personality. Thanks to toughened glass splashbacks, you’ll be able to include a unique design feature.

The Practical Benefits of Aubergine Splashbacks

As these splashbacks are made from toughened glass, they are extremely resistant to all kinds of damage. They can be used to protect your kitchen walls from a variety of ingredients used in preparing food.

In addition to installing aubergine splashbacks across your kitchen walls, you can choose to protect the areas which are most at risk. These areas tend to be the walls around sinks, hobs and kettles or coffee machines.

The walls behind and around these features are vulnerable to a range of different ingredients, such as:

  • Water and Other Liquids.
  • Foodstuffs.
  • Condensation and Steam.
  • Fats, Oils and Greases.

Over time, each of these ingredients will strike your walls. Even if you clean them off immediately, they can still lead to long-term problems. In many cases, these will be cosmetic problems, such as stains. However, in some circumstances, there is the risk that these impacts can lead to long-term issues, such as mould, damp and even infestation. The last thing you need if for your kitchen walls to attract flies and other unpleasant pests.

How Vulnerable are Kitchen Walls Without Toughened Glass Splashbacks?

Unfortunately, kitchen walls without the protection of toughened glass splashbacks are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. These damages can lead to a wide range of both cosmetic and practical problems. In some cases, they can make your kitchen an unpleasant place to be. In others, they can threaten the structural integrity of your kitchen walls, particularly over many years.

Sheetrock is one of the most common kinds of wall surfaces in use today. Unfortunately, sheetrock is vulnerable to water, a variety of stains and can easily be permeated with all kinds of waste. This can cause an unpleasant wall surface around your hobs, kettles and sinks.

Painted walls are also common in kitchens because they are simple and clean-looking. However, they can also become stained or marked very easily resulting in an unpleasant and unwelcoming space. Painted walls can lead to a range of health hazards if the wrong type of paint was used. The heat and moisture of any kitchen can cause paint to warp and peel away from the wall. Certain types of paint can release potentially harmful gases if allowed to heat.

How Can Toughened Glass Splashbacks Prevent This from Happening?

As aubergine splashbacks are made from glass, they are extremely resistant to a range of ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen. As these surfaces are non-saturated, they will keep all food detritus and other ingredients away from your vulnerable walls. You will be able to keep the splashbacks clean by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth to remove all kinds of food waste quickly and easily.

Call Splashbacks Designed 4U for Aubergine Splashbacks

For more than 25 years, the Splashbacks Designed 4U team has worked to deliver high-quality protective coverings for any kind of kitchen walls. For bespoke, cut-to-size toughened glass splashbacks in a range of colour, get in touch today.

For more information on our range of aubergine splashbacks, get in touch with our team today by emailing us at You can also call us directly on 01535 680894 to talk to one of our splashback experts today.