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Specialists in fitting kitchen splashbacks
One of few companies using toughened glass

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Specialists in fitting kitchen splashbacks
One of few companies using toughened glass

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One of few companies using toughened glass

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Coloured and printed glass Splashbacks are ideal for kitchens, Glass Splashbacks can be made to any size, we offer a full measuring and fitting service. They’re available in almost and shape, size and colour, we only use toughened, heat resistant safety glass. The glass can be drilled or cut during the manufacturing process to accommodate plug sockets and switches. The choice of colours today is endless so you can choose from a colour matching feature walls, breakfast bars, tops and coasters.

Defining your space through your splashback

When conducting home repair, renovations, or purchasing a home, one of the key areas is the Kitchen. Financially, the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house. From the appliances to the cabinets, there is a great deal which goes into having the perfect cooking and eating area. Yet, it is not uncommon to find a kitchen neglecting in a key functional and aesthetical element, the splashback. Where it may be true that an individual places a bit of glass or tile around the stove or the sink, oftentimes they do not continue the design around the whole of the cabinet, or if they do they do not put much thought into how it will tie the room together. But having a backsplash is a major item for your kitchen. Here are a few reasons why every kitchen should have a good one.

Kitchen Splashbacks reduce wear on the walls

Splashbacks are designed to catch the grease, water, and other debris which would commonly accumulate on the walls, specifically in the spaces between surfaces and the upper cabinetry. Therefore, the splashback should extend from the countertop to the base of the cabinet. It does very little functional good to have a small square tile on the edge of a counter. Sure, it may have some aesthetic quality, but if there is a splatter or a pop of grease, the odds are quite likely that the wall will be hit. As most walls have a covering of sheetrock, any moisture which is directly applied to the surface is averse to the longevity of that wall. Grease, water, and food accumulation can lead to unremovable stains, mold, weak spots on the kitchen wall, and cracking of the sheetrock.
Kitchen Splashbacks are non-saturated surfaces. This means that if water or any other material encounters the surface, all you have to do is wipe the surface clean. Glass Splashbacks are ideal as they can easily be glazed or patterened to add an aesthetical value to the interior design. Wood is not advised as the material is porous and could potentially capture contaminants.

Splashbacks are safer than paint

Splashbacks tend to have a very high threshold for heat. This makes them ideal for the kitchen area, especially around the stove area. Paint on the other hand is not very heat resistant. Yes, interior paint is formulated to resist higher temperatures, but in reality, it is not designed to be exposed to heat continuously. This is why you will find surfaces which have been painted peeling and cracking around stoves. Additionally, there are no toxins within the Splashback which could be heated and released into the air. Paints are chemically saturated when wet (just read all the cautionary notes on a can). These chemicals do not just disappear when the surface dries. Granted, the risk is reduced, but there is still the potential for odors to occur, especially if the paint gets wet or heated.

The aesthetical value of a Kitchen Splashback

A spectacular kitchen is a merger of functionality and great interior design. The Kitchen Splashback should be an extension of the room. Glass patterns can be added to give the space a very unique appearance. For example, if your room wishes to highlight your love of flowers, you could have seeds being blown in the wind on black glass. If you love the ocean, perhaps various aquatic life in low opacity would work well. The point is that you can customize the look and feel of your kitchen to accent not only the counters and the cabinetry (which is important) but also the personality of those who will be living in the space.
Designers wishing to present a modernistic look to the kitchen, may wish to view the various hues, colors, and cuts available for the kitchen splashback. Most splashbacks are offered in glossy or matte finish and in about any hue you could think of. Bespoke shapes and sizes are available as well.

Where to start?

If you are considering adding a new splashback to your kitchen, then the first step is to have a designer or a professional in splashbacks give you an idea of what will work best with your space. Do not concern yourself with the sinks, sockets, and other wall fixtures. Most professionals will be able to cut and work around these obstacles. Once you have a design in place, the next step is to decide if you wish to have a solid hue or printed glass, Again, this is where your personal taste and the advice from the professional splashback designer will come into play.

If you are seeking to get started now, then please contact splasbacksdesigned4u. Splashbacks Designed 4U can answer any inquires which you may have about kitchen splashbacks, their pros and cons, as well as offer design solutions.

Key Features:

UK Made Toughened Glass to BS EN 12150

Heat Resistant to 220°C

Hygenic & Easy to Clean

Cutouts for Switches & Sockets

For Kitchens, Walls, Sinks & Hobs

Completely Water Resistant

Bespoke Shapes & Styles

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