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One of few companies using toughened glass

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Specialists in fitting kitchen splashbacks
One of few companies using toughened glass

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One of few companies using toughened glass

Bathroom Splashbacks

Coloured and printed glass splashbacks are more and more often being specified by forward thinking bathroom designers as a first choice for covering walls in bathrooms. Where previously you had tiles, particularly within your shower cubicle or wet room, full height glass panels are easy to waterproof and have no grout to grow mould.

Painted glass wall screens create a modern feature to your bathroom giving a feeling of space reflecting light back into your room. You can choose from a huge range of colour to make a focal point or compliment existing colour schemes.

Splashbacksdesigned4u glass shower walls are all manufactured from 6mm low iron, extra clear toughened glass, which is extremely impact resistant. The glass can be drilled or cut during the manufacturing process to accommodate shower fittings and screens.

Upgrading your bathroom with Splashbacks could save you money

Bathroom renovations are some of the most expensive upgrades that a person can do apart from a kitchen. As such, it is important to minimize the cost as much as possible while at the same time increasing the longevity of the renovation. Unfortunately, if you are installing tile or wooden features in your bathroom, the odds are high that you will need to address the room in a few years. The solution is to install glass bathroom splashbacks. Here are a few reasons why the installation of such is superior to other interior design alternatives.

Moisture accumulation

Although building and coding requires a level of ventilation in a bathroom, the accumulation of steam and moisture is unavoidable. Hot showers and even running the faucet can cause water condensation. And while you may wipe down the mirror and/or shower to reduce the sitting condensation, the odds are very high that you do not wipe down the entire bathroom (walls, ceiling, floor, etc.). Where this condensation rests, there are higher risks of mould and fungi to develop.

Structurally speaking, moisture accumulation in a bathroom compromises the integrity of the walls. This is due to many homes and businesses having interior walls of sheetrock. Sheetrock does have a level of water resistance, but it is not primarily designed to get wet. This is why paints, wallpapers, and tile were introduced. Yet, even with such methods, unless there is a seamless and highly water resistant surface, there is a chance for damage to occur.

Glass Bathroom Splashbacks allow for the room to have water condensation but does not allow for the wall construction to be compromised. Bathroom Splashbacks are easy to clean (generally just a quick wipe down) making the risk of water related hygienic issues less likely to occur.

A question of durability

Tiling is one of the most common choices of bathroom upgrading. Yet, this solution may not be the best in keeping down cost and future renovations. When laying tile properly, you will need to clean the surface of old debris, apply a moisture barrier/grey boarding, apply the tile mortar, and then fill in the gaps with grout. If the grout is laid evenly and that there are not texture blemishes (which is very hard to accomplish), you then need to worry about keeping the grout from getting any cracks. If cracking occurs, you will quickly find that the surface will need to be retiled or regrouted.

Glass Bathroom Splashbacks do not require the same level of plasters, solvents, adhesives, etc. that other solutions require. This maximizes the durability of the application, as the less additives you have for a project the less apt that project is to have a component which will become outdated or need to be replaced.


Apart from the durability and functionality of the bathroom splashback, there is the versatility in the design and application of the glass bathroom splashback. Where some materials, such as tile, require you to break and shatter the tile to fit around fixtures and other spaces, glass splashbacks can be cut to several different shapes and sizes. They can also be drilled and cut to go around fixtures and sockets without compromising the look of the glass. Design wise, the colours of the glass as well as the ability of printed glass splashbacks maximize the various ways in which you can design your bathroom, enabling you to have a more personal and characterized space. You can even have patterns and simulated textures applied to the glass via printed splashbacks, glazing, and customization of the splashback.

A more modern look

While there are a few options which allow the designer to have large tile, wood, or other materials in their bathroom, the selection is rather limited as well as expensive. Glass backsplashes allow for the design to have huge glass pieces to accommodate walls or smaller cuts allotted to the space under the cabinets and above the sink space. What makes this ideal, is that there is no blunt visual transition from the larger to the smaller, but a continuity throughout the room. And while there are seams and edges on the glass, they are far less numerous and more aesthetically pleasing than the agglomeration of seams and overlaps you will obtain from wallpaper, tile, or panelling.

Are you ready for a great looking bathroom?

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and wish to explore a glass backplash, please let Splashbacks Designed 4U know. Backsplashes are available for kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, and walls. Should you have any inquires as to bathroom splashbacks, their application, durability, or customization functions, or if you wish to talk with a professional about your personal project options, please contact Splashbacks Design 4U directly.

Key Features:

UK Made Toughened Glass to BS EN 12150

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Hygenic & Easy to Clean

Cutouts for Switches & Sockets

For Kitchens, Walls, Sinks & Hobs

Completely Water Resistant

Bespoke Shapes & Styles

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